Sql License Agreement

Source code for open source software For software you receive from Oracle in binary form, under open source license, which gives you the right to get the source code of this binary, you can get a copy of the corresponding source code from oss.oracle.com/sources/ or www.oracle.com/goto/opensourcecode. If the source code for such software was not provided to you with the binary file, you can also obtain a copy of the source code on the physical media by submitting a written request in accordance with the instructions of the “Source Code Offer” section of the latter site. IMPORTANT-READ CAREFULLY: This final user license agreement for a COMPARISON tool SQL Server (“EULA”) is a legal agreement between you (either an individual or an entity) and AlfaAlfa Software (AS) for the SOFTWARE AS (s) mentioned above, which includes all associated software components, media, printed materials and any “online” or electronic documentation (“SOFTWARE”). By installing, copying or using THE SOFTWARE, you accept the conditions of this SERVICE. If you don`t accept, don`t install or use THE SOFTWARE. If THE SOFTWARE has been sent to you, send the media coverage with the rest of the package to where you received it within 30 days of purchase. No technical assistance, unless Oracle supports the programs, unless it is expressly included in a separate and current support agreement between you and Oracle, Oracle`s technical support organization does not provide any technical support, telephone assistance or updates for programs provided under this Agreement. However, if you have an assisted license for an Oracle database program, the Technical Assistance Organization will provide technical and telephone support for the program that is licensed in that program, in conjunction with the database oracle license. Programs may contain a source code that, unless expressly authorized in this agreement for other purposes (e.g. B under open source license), is provided exclusively for reference purposes and cannot be changed.

Yes, yes. All existing Enterprise Edition licenses in the Server-CAL licensing model with Software Assurance can be updated to the latest version of SQL Server, and Software Assurance can be maintained to allow access to future software updates. These licenses will continue on the server license model – CAL. Oracle licenses and limitations grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the internal use of programs, subject to the restrictions set out in this Agreement, exclusively for your business activities and any third-party training in these transactions. You may allow your contractors to use the programs, provided they act on your behalf to exercise the licensing rights granted in this Agreement and that you are also responsible for compliance with this Agreement when using it.